5 Easy Ways to Make Money Online with BLOGGING.

If you have traffic, but you are not making any money. So what should all of you do? Today I will tell you 5 easy ways to make money with blogging. How you can monetize your blog. I am going to tell you that easy ways, with the help of which you can easily grow and reach to the next level and create a source of Passive Incomes.

So let us know those five ways, by which you can easily earn millions through your traffic sitting at home.

Google AdSence : 

The number one idea- to make money online with the help of your blog and which is the easiest, it comes first in our list. This is something that Google gives you and allows you to advertise on your site, Most bloggers put it on the side bar of their design, when a visitor comes to see or read your post, they see this ad and if they want to know more about it, they can click on it to know about it.

Which will redirect it to the website containing the ad and then you will earn money. Google ads is very powerful and easy way to earn money online but if you are a beginner and want earn money with this, than first of all you need to have “25” to “30” good articles on your website and some traffic must be there. Then you can apply for google ads. Once you get approval then easily you can make money with this way.

Google AdSense Apply Link :- Click Here

Affiliate Program :

Affiliate Program / Affiliate marketing is one more way to make money online in which you don’t need to own any product, you can sell other’s product, you don’t have to do anything, you have to sell the product from someone else, if you doing so , then that company gives you some commission, the company will give you commission of that product as often as you sell it. In simple words, in affiliate marketing you works as a middleman helping sellers meet buyers by this method, you can easily make money online with the help of your blog.

 In Today’s time there are many such networks like

Amazon Associates
CJ Affiliate (Formerly Affiliate Junction)

etc. through which you can register yourself and start selling products. Some networks ask for verification and some are not. So choose your network and prepare yourself a good income source.

Digital Products:

You can make money online with digital products through your blog, you can sell all kinds of digital products, from e-books to courses. There are unlimited opportunities with digital products. Now that you are selling digital products, the best way to do this is to have people visit your site. Usually through webinars. Make aware people Register for your webinar and explain about that product. Some of them will buy your digital product and you will be able to make good money online .

There are some amazing tools in market by which, you can create your own Digital course with the help of these tools like


You can select any one of them and start. Making money online is not that hard, you can make money online even with your own digital products and course, And if you don’t have any then sell other’s products and courses. But recommend only those courses and products which you know is best.

Private Advertisement :

If you have your own website and getting a good traffic, then you do not necessarily work with Google adsense, you are not earning money only because of the reason, that you are not getting approval from google ads or may be some reasons, your google account got suspended. Than you are just wasting your time.

In today’s time, everyone wants internet presence, there are many companies out there who wants to promote their own products. They always look for publishers, then you can reach out to them and ask them to promote their products. You can do branding for their companies on your blog website so that you can earn more money online with the help of your blog.

Physical Products :

If you want to sell physical products, then a good example is Legion Athletics. They have a blog about fitness and they sell physical products such as protein supplement vitamins. If you don’t know about that company than I want to tell you that they make millions in a year. They earn more than 10 million a year because of their blog traffic. But it is effective as long as you are creating amazing and very good products.

If you want, you can start making money today through your blog and create a never ending source of passive incomes. Now you have to decide how you want to make money and with which convenient way. Which is right for you. Some people are making money online, only from Google ads and some by selling digital products, and some people sell digital products and physical products at the same time.

It is up to you what you want to do right now, if you are new and thinking of doing it all alone. Then I would never recommend doing all five together. But you can choose one or two and if you are too much and want to do more, you can choose any of the three methods mentioned above. Use these to grow online to make money online by these means.