Make Money From Blogging First $1000

If few years ago someone told to me that from blogging we can make $1000 per month i would have laugh on that person and because of the curiosity i would have asked you, Are you mad make money from blogging $1000 Earnings as Blogger? 

Few years ago I was working in a corporate organisation in rotational shifts every month shift must have changed till you make the habit of night shifts then next month you get to know that now shift changed from night to day no saturdays no sundays no fixed week offs.

But there were few things Which I liked about  my job. Consistent paychecks and some of my friends over there make plans lots of time to go out but you know private jobs what it is like, if you ask leaves then managers feel like you asked his liver or lungs.

So I never liked my job at all so what I felt always there is 

1.Whatever you do, you are not going to get appreciation 

2. Income just come on 31st and finish on 2nd 

3. Beg for your own leaves 

4. And office politics and much more 

Starting a business was my only option but the Problems was that I didn’t have idea what to do and 2nd I did not have money.

But believe Me blogging is the only option which we can start with the minimum amount we have.

Is Blogging Really Worth It ?

There are always 2 questions  which new bloggers ask 

1 How much money can we make by blogging

2.How much time it takes to make money by blogging 

But for beginners I have only one answer 

How hard you are willing to work that much money and time you will earn and save.

And which monetization method you choose 

One of the biggest blogging fact is there is no limitation there are different methods to earn with blogging .

If by chance you love your job and and want to make $1000  extra per month on top of your full time job. You can make that kind of money with blogging 

If you want to travel the world and same time you want to make extra money its is possible with blogging 

That is why people are jumping into online earnings and blogging.

If you love your freedom start blogging 

So today I am going to tell you the four best ways to make money by blogging 

Some ways are very easy to make money by blogging but few take some time.

When you do blogging you have lots  of options to monetize your blog. So you can earn from anywhere there are many revenue  streams. If you lose one you can earn from other streams.

But in starting, stick with one or two income streams when you feel stable then you have skies to fly 

The way of income you choose will totally depend on your audience and on your Niche (blog Topic)

1. Advertising 

When someone thinks about blogging, he finds the first simple way to monetize their blog is from Advertising. This is the first way which comes to mind for every new blogger. This not the best method but this is the simplest way to make money from Blogging and monetize your site.

Display Ads 

When You visit any site on google and you see amazon products and some banks ads or some car ads. These are display ads every time you click on that ads the website owners earns money. That is why its called PPC Pay Per Click Advertising

The Google adsense is the easiest ways to start with PPC ads as you grow your traffic. Then there are more companies out there who gives decent amount but their requirement is like Mediavine (Minimum 25000 monthly impression to join, and Adthrive Minimum 100000 monthly page view to join 

You can make money from blogging this way  but this is not the best way to earn because 

Not everyone who comes to your site wants to see these ads and if they see there is very few chances that they will click on that ads.

It takes away your customer to your site as for that particular ad you got $0.80 but when a visitor clicks on that ad and goes to another site and buys someone else’s product you got nothing.

There are few more types of advertising 

Sponsored Content 

Once you start getting views on your website you will be able to land an opportunity on your site. 

Companies come to you and ask you to publish an article. About their products and services and some post on social media. Creating that content for your audience to build their brand awareness. And once they get popular they get increments in sales.

If blogs have high numbers visitors per day then companies can offer you good price. But if you are new to blogging this is not the best method to make money from blogging. 


You have noticed on youtube most people talk about reviews and run giveaways. It also takes place in blogging, companies come to you and give their product for free and run free giveaways for your best winning readers  if you love free things this is a good idea but this also not the best idea.


In affiliate marketing we have many products available on affiliate networks by which we can make a good amount of money. You will get high commission products. Even you can directly work with the companies, sell their products and earn high commissions.

Affiliate marketing can be done by both by  legit way or by spammy way. Most of the new blogger do this mistake, once they get few visitors they jump into the affiliates and sale them junk no value products. It degrade your value in market until and unless you will not provide values to the reader you are not going to make money from blogging. 

Affiliate only with great value products which creates value to the reader. Spammy way is very easy but don’t get you very far So always prefer legit ways to earn money.

Every blogger goal should be to provide value to the reader weather it from content writing or from affiliate marketing.

3. Digital Products 

In this new era of digital marketing now people are also using their digital products for sale by which they are making a good amount of money ,Rather to sell someone else’s product you can create and sell your own products and sell directly to your List.

There are lots of digital products you can create but we will talk about the best 3 digital products which you can create and make good money very easily.

ebooks and workbooks 

There are many bloggers who is selling there eBooks and Workbooks and making money from blogging

The difference between ebook and workbook is the engagement of reader 

E book as you can understand a simple text book which you can read only not any other kind of engagement  but  a workbook is something in which you reader go  through some exercise. Which helps readers to accomplish something by leading them through the process.

Online Course 

Now bloggers also monetizing their blogs or websites to sell their own courses and they are making ton of money by this method only 

Course creation is not an easy process. You have to create videos and create a platform where your videos are aligned in sequence to make clear every point. There is loads of work but Teachable /Thinkific is a platform where you can easily create your course and sell your course to your tribe.

By providing this course to your tribe on your website you can easily make money from blogging.

Membership site 

A membership site is a kind of community where you have to pay monthly fees as a subscriber. Where you get your premium content, classes, videos, ebook, workbooks etc 

4. Services 

If you offering services this is also the fastest method to earn your income, Take a look some of the best services which you can offer as a new blogger

Digital Marketing 

Writing a blog is just not writing, when you start a blog along side you learn lots of things how to write content, how to search keywords, how to SEO your blog or site, social media strategies, designs, all comes under Digital marketing. So with blog writing you become a good digital marketer and provide this services to any company or individual.

Virtual Assistant 

Virtual assistant is high demand service in this category. Lots of services come under this like data entry, creating forms , Voice assistance etc. Here is the list if you want to check this out.

Freelance Writing

This is the easiest and common service which is required by most of the bloggers in this you can get paid to write content for someone else while writing for yourself .

Freelance writing is the best practice to create your authority in your niche. It will enhance your writing skill too. 

If you commit to your blogging and work on your income streams, maximum two in starting  then you can earn $1000 very easily. It’s just our thought which thinks that it’s hard it’s not possible. But once you work with complete dedication you will see the results.